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  • John Muir Award

    John Muir Logo

    • John Muir Paperwork

      The John Muir Award aims to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to discover, enjoy and care for the planet's wild places. 

      There are many ways to participate - through an Award Provider, such as Hampshire Outdoors, Youth organisations, environmental organisations, schools, outdoor centres, clubs or as an individual. 

      These resources will help support you with registering, recording, reviewing and applying for certificates.

    • Intro to John Muir Resources

      John Muir (1838 - 1914) is the founder of the modern world conservation movement. 

      These resources will help educate students on his life, his conservation efforts and his achievements.

    • Discover Resources

      The Four Award Challenges relate to the approach that John Muir took during his travels and adventures. 


      Indentify a wild place (or places) on which to focus the Award activities. 

      Find out or become award of it, whether by research, word of mouth, or by chance, and experience it directly. This can be a garden, school grounds, a park or beach, or any other wild place that's local, national or international. 

    • Explore Resources


      Explore its wildness - travel extensively through it, in order to understand and appreciate more about it. 

      Places can be explored through walking, camping, canoeing... or just sitting and looking. There are a lot of resources to help develop an understanding of a place, such as enivronmental games, scavener hunts or activities that use all of the senses. 

    • Conserve Resources

    • Share Resources

      How you and your students wish to complete the last challenge - share- is up to you! It's all about reflecting, reviewing and discussing the experiences - during and after, informally or more formally.

      Some ideas: 

      • Keep a personal or group diary. Use the John Muir paper log book. 
      • Make a film, use photos, videos or sound recordings.
      • Create an individual or group newsletter.
      • Create a poster of the experience.
      • Record eBook 
      • Social media:
        Twitter #JohnMuirAward  #HampshireOutdoors
      • Lead a guided walk around your wild place(s).
      • Share conversation around a camp fire.
      • Discuss/ present to other students.
      • Display drawings, stories, poems or artwork.
      • Get creative and make art out of natural materials.
      • Invite the local press to your sharing event celebration.

    • Additional Resources

      These resources are additional to the topics covered for the award, however, can be included to help enhance any outdoor programme.