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    • Tutorials

      We have created 27 tutorials each with a Session Plan, PowerPoint and resources, which will support tutors to deliver up to date engaging Tutorials. These have been created with learners achieving at Level 1/2 in mind, however you can add resources to make these appropriate for higher level learners.

      All tutors will need to familiarise themselves with the Session Plans and resources prior to delivery and make the decision based on their learners, to whether they would need to eliminate some parts or enhance others, to meet the needs of your particular class. 

      The expectation is that the Compulsory Tutorials will be delivered to all learners, across all provision types at Hampshire Achieves within their first term of attending. In terms of the Mandatory titles, Supported Interns and all Secure settings learners should attend all these sessions. For Leigh House Hospital, the Senior Tutor will choose those Sessions that best suit the learner’s needs and length of stay there, and for trainees the coordinator will choose the mandatory titles that best suit those learners. 

      The expectation is that all learners will have weekly tutorials.  This will be monitored termly with the Development Manager (Learner & Learning Support), Senior tutors & Coordinators, by way of auditing learners work.

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