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Advancing Access is pleased to share with you five new resources. 

The free downloadable resources will enable you to support more of your students to progress to the UK's most competitive universities. 

To download all of Advancing Access resources provided, you will need to provide basic information to enable them to monitor the program.

Supporting students with disabilities

This resource will enable you to best support disabled applicants on their journey to a leading university. This guide covers choosing a university, disclosing disabilities on the UCAS application, supporting students with mental health challenges and information about the Disabled Students Allowance.


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Degree Apprenticeships at Leading Universities

Everything your students need to know about the new Degree Apprenticeship qualifications. What are they? How do students know if they are the right option? Where are they advertised and how much might your students earn?


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Contextual admissions processes at leading universities

Which criteria might be used by leading universities to flag applicants as 'contextual'? Our guide looks at how you can best support your students and includes a link to the contextual admissions policy at every Russell Group university.


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Alternative routes into competitive universities

This guide looks at the various ways your students may progress into competitive universities without high grades at A level. Pathways considered include vocational qualifications and foundation year routes.


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Home or away? Weighing up the pros and cons of leaving home for university

Our fun quiz can help your students think about whether they want to study in a different town or city or whether they would be more comfortable staying at home with their family.


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We hope you find these resources useful and if you do be sure to check out our complete collection of free CPD resources and our student case study videos.


Advancing Access is currently planning more online events so that we can keep teachers updated on developments in Higher Education related to the Covid-19 pandemic and we'll contact you about these soon.